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this just isn’t cutting it. I can hardly read the text.

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*NEW* Dead End Path - "Procession Light"

Off their new LP “Senace and Other Songs”. Coming soon from BBB Records.

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Details on Expire's 'Pretty Low' unveiled


Midwestern heavy hitters Expire recently wrapped recording on their second full-length, Pretty Low, at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee. Following its completion, the album went into the hands of Jay Maas at Getaway Studios for mastering and is now ready to be heard. Pretty Low features…

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Lords of the Pit


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Remember when stupid hardcore kids thought they liked LOA until they found out they werent actully playing TIHC. Internet jockign avoided. close call!

no, I do not.

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this one too. how did I miss this one? I don’t have the words…